Who we are

Personalized solution by innovation

ELIND is an Italian company, leader in design and production of complete electromagnetic heating induction equipment “turn-key”, which find application in the iron and steel industry for the production and the heat treatment of bars and steel pipes or in the metal forging.
Therefore, ELIND represents a reliable international partner for steel mills, pipe mills and hot forging companies.
Founded in 1969, ELIND begins the activity with the construction of medium frequency converters for induction heating of billets and bars, for subsequent forging process.
In 1998 it became a Joint stock  Company and in 2000 obtained the ISO9001 quality certification.
In 2011 it inaugurated the new operating plant, on a surface of over 3,000 square meters in Venaria Reale (TO).
Throughout its history ELIND realized over 1,500 equipment in 30 different countries worldwide, with installed power up to 28 megawatts, gradually expanding its range of action from Europe to America to the Far East and Australia markets.
Thanks to a continuous process of technological innovation and collaboration with major industrial groups, the company has been able to expand the areas of application and in synergy with international engineering companies, it contributed to the realization of integrated equipment of major importance.
ELIND also boasts a highly specialized staff, result of a rigorous and continuous training process and a qualified and international commercial network, made up a selected network of agents and collaborators.

Our History

  • 1968

    Elind is founded

  • 1998

    Elind become a Joint Stock Company

  • 2000

    Elind obtains the ISO9001 quality certification

  • 2011

    Inauguration of the new operating plant

Research & Development

Technological innovation is a central element of the company's vision.
ELIND invests significant resources in research and development and it has an internal unit dedicated to it, which develops continuous technical updates on their systems.
Thanks to the efforts made in this direction, over the years, innovative solutions have been launched on the market, such as equipment with IGBT technology and new areas of application, such as annealing in a controlled atmosphere of stainless steel pipes.
In order to offer the leading-edge solutions to the market and ensure adequate training of its staff, ELIND works with many Italian and European schools and universities and several research centres.

A significant example in this direction is represented by the new generation of frequency converters, developed by Elind in collaboration with DET-Politecnico Torino, able to ensure high energy efficiency and absolute advantages in terms of easiness of use and maintenance.

The numbers of our success

  • 1,600

    realized equipment

  • 30

    countries where the company operates

  • 50

    years of activity

  • 3,000

    square meters of factory