Innovation on energy savings: the inductors’ sectioning

ELIND S.p.A. ended with great satisfaction the acceptance test of a special equipment for induction partial heating of billets, for its customer POPPI UGO EUROFORGE S.p.a., one of the most known forging companies on Italian and European level, well known for its highest quality standard.

With the aim of improving their efficiency level, they assign us the task of designing and manufacturing a 800 kW equipment, that was thought in synergy with the customer technical staff; this equipment will be inserted onto an island completely automatic and equipped with robots for loading and unloading of pieces.

Up to now, nothing new!

By the way, the customer’s need to partially heat pieces with heating lengths very different, led us to raise significantly the attention level on ENERGY SAVING.

As it is known, the heating maximum length determines the length of each inductor. But, in case it is necessary to decrease considerably the length of the piece heated part, you have as a consequence a lowering of the electrical efficiency that imposes an increasing of consumptions and thus of production costs.

Starting from these premises, the idea of manufacturing a sectioned inductor was born; the so conceived inductor has the possibility of excluding automatically some sections, on the basis of the exigencies and of the heating length that is needed to production in a certain moment.

The obtained result is that of eliminating from the circuit a part of the inductor and thus to exclude it from the current going through, with an evident saving in the energy bill.

It has to be considered also that, by reducing the heating length of 75%, with the sectioned inductor a shooting down of electrical consumptions of more than 50% is obtained, if compared to the use of a traditional inductor.


Moreover, as the sectioning of the inductor is completely automatic, also the times of machine stop are sensibly reduced, if compared to the ones tied to an inductor change. Additionally, there is no need to buy inductors with different lengths and as a consequence there is an additional economical saving.


As always ELIND S.p.A. is very active in finding out simple, economical and innovative solutions, which aim to satisfy the needs of the more exigent customers.


We will keep you updated on next developments!

Elind - Innovation on energy savings: the inductors’ sectioning

ELIND on RAI 3 regional news

During regional edition of RAI 3 news at 2:00 o’clock p.m. on 8th May 2019 a report on ELIND was broadcasted, in which Gabriele Russo could run through the 50-year history of the Company activity. The rooted presence on the territory was underlined; this latter is represented by cooperation with Italian and foreign universities, technical and professional institutes for the technological innovation and the training of its employees.

Elind - ELIND on RAI 3 regional news

   RAI 3 visits ELIND

“Piemonte che produce” is a spot of program “Buongiorno Regione” on air on RAI 3, which has the aim of acknowledging a big audience about companies that represent the Excellency of piedmont’s territory and that are a reference point in the belonging market. On Tuesday 7th May 2019, Gabriele Russo, during the live broadcast, told ELIND story and put in evidence both the achieved results and next goals.

Elind -    RAI 3 visits ELIND

1969 - 2019 

On occasion of the fiftieth year of activity, ELIND celebrated with all its employees in the exclusive location of Reggia of Venaria Reale.

As a sign of gratitude for the job that was done and for the achieved successes, the company rewarded all its employees, on the basis of their seniority.


  “A group of people sharing a common goal can
   achieve the impossible”

Elind - 1969 - 2019 

EUROFORGE: 1st conFAIR 2018

Do not miss out on this opportunity of meeting us at "conFAIR 2018 The Future of Forging", use it as the perfect time to know our products and our latest technological developments.

Booth No. F1

13 - 15 November, 2018

Berlin, Germany


Elind - EUROFORGE: 1st conFAIR 2018

The Order for a New Hardening and Tempering Line is awarded to Elind from Třinecké železárny

Once again, ELIND awarded a contract for the construction of a New QT Line that will be installed at Třinecké železárny (Czech Republic). Thus, the collaboration and trust relationship, started with the installation of the first line in 2014 has been strengthened.

The plant, which will be operational from the third quarter of 2019, will be able to treat 42CrMo4 and similar steel bars, with a range of diameter from 30 up to 80 mm and a length between 3 and 10.5 m, with an hourly throughput of 3 t / h.

The line will also be able to perform the normalization (N), in order to meet the increasingly performing metallurgical characteristics required of the treated materials.

Particular attention will be paid, once again, to the efficiency of the plant in terms of energy consumption, while maintaining a high production flexibility with low operating and maintenance costs.

Elind - The Order for a New Hardening and Tempering Line is awarded to Elind from Třinecké železárny

We appeared on TUBE&PIPE Technology Magazine

Our vocation has always been to remain part of an international scenario, with the aim of acquiring new customers and making known the potential of our company.
For this reason we have appeared with an article about our realization of Complete Lines for Hardening and Tempering of Bars and Tubes, in the July 2018 edition of the prestigious TUBE & PIPE Technology Sector Magazine.

Elind - We appeared on TUBE&PIPE Technology Magazine

TUBE & WIRE 2018

We will attend TUBE 2018.
Visit us at our Stand B23, Hall 17

16 - 20 April, 2018

Düsseldorf, Germany

Elind - TUBE & WIRE 2018

A new hardening and tempering line for HES – Riva Stahl Gmbh

ELIND acquired a contract from HES – Riva Stahl Gmbhfor the supply of a new hardening and tempering line for bars, which adds to the two previous ones that were supplied on 1997 and 2003,witnessing a long and consolidated business relationship between the two Companies.

The equipment will be functioning in the second quarter of 2019 and it will be able to treat bars in hardening and tempering steel (42CrMo4 andsimilar) having diameter from 20 to 65 mm and length included between 3 and 12.6 m, with an hour throughput of 6 t/h.

In addition to the Hardening and Tempering treatment, the line will also be able to make Normalized (N) and  Annealed  BG-(FP) ones, thus giving the material an excellent metallurgical structure and guarantee of high repeatability of the process, with very low exercise costs, thanks to production flexibility, with energetic consumptions connected to the real production time and to the reduced maintenance needs. 

Elind - A new hardening and tempering line for HES – Riva Stahl Gmbh

Website and change of image.

Starting from today Elind S.p.A proposes itself online with a new internet website, definitely more dynamic and richer in contents; it can give greater visibility to the products and technical solutions that the Company has been able to develop during more than 50 years of activity. Moreover, with the goal of modernising its image and making it more suitable to the actual activities, the Corporate logo was completely renewed, both in the graphic and colours.

Elind - Website and change of image.


On last 15th of September, Elind S.p.A. took part and sponsored OTB Day, an international event to which about 30 research centres from 14 different nations participated. Apply this event had as main theme the research and technology applied to different sectors, with particular attention to applications in neuromuscular sector and the other fields that are tied such as: ergonomics, automation and generally ICT.

Elind - Sponsor

Interview on TV

A team of reporters and local correspondents, experts of local business’ fabric, selected Elind S.p.A. as excellence representative company in its specific field and they invited it to participate to a television program, for telling its Company history developed in the Italian industrial landscape. The broadcast of program "Pole Position" was on Wednesday 24th of May2017 - on channel 84 of digital terrestrial ("Canale Italia 84").

Elind - Interview on TV


In the field of the activity of job training, Istituto Agnelli of Turin organised a day in which all the Companies that cooperate with it took part to. 
Among these, Elind participated with its exhibition stand by showing a project of a furnace with variable frequency for metals melting; the project was realized with the cooperation of some students of the same Institute. 
The event was filmed and broadcasted on regional TV news RAI3 on 14/12/2016.

Elind - Agnelli