Coating pipe equipment

The induction applied to the coating pipe is the perfect method to ensure the required results in terms of uniformity and distribution of the heat on the tube, before to the application of the polyethylene film.

Elind develops and manufactures tailor-made solutions, which guarantee the maximum flexibility of the system and the achievement of production parameters of the process.

The equipment is composed of a static medium frequency converter, complete with a battery of medium frequency capacitors and a cooling group, by busbars of connection, by the supporting structure of the inductors and by the heating inductors, whose number and size vary depending on the required production range.

The special execution of the equipment with Power Gain device also allows obtaining high productivity even in cases in which the tube is decoupled if compared to the inductor, thus limiting the number of inductors together with the equipment.


  • Uniformity and distribution of heat on the tube
  • System Flexibility
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Return of investment in a very short time

The numbers of our success

  • 2.000kW 

    maximum power of the generator

  • no

    additional manipulation of finished product

  • 100”

    Maximum tube diameter