Heating equipment for rolling mill

Induction heating is a process that finds a perfect application in rolling mill equipment, because it ensures wide productive flexibility and precision in achieving the desired temperatures.

In the most common configuration, an equipment of suitable power is installed downstream of the combustion furnace, to raise the temperature of the bar to the rolling mill temperature and achieve the homogeneity along the axis of the bars.

The equipment foreseen a number of modules connected in succession, in order to achieve the necessary power to the process with considerable advantages also in terms of flexibility of use.

The company develops a lot of applications in rolling mills context for long and flat products with powers from 2 to 28 MW. Projects are realized based on turn-on key complete with heating units, mechanical parts, PLC management and supervision PC.


  • Improvement of the qualitative characteristics of the production process
  • Increase of the productive capacity of the rolling mills
  • Small spaces that does not distort the equipment layout
  • High flexibility of production even on difficult processes
  • Easyness and precision of heating

The numbers of our success

  • 200

    tons / hour of maximum productivity

  • 28MW

    maximum installed power