Hardening and tempering equipment

The hardening and tempering treatment foresees a heating of the material (bars and/or tubes) up to the austenitizing temperature, followed by an abrupt cooling. A further heating at lower temperatures, normally between 450 ° and 750 ° C and a subsequent cooling follow this.

The temperature of the bars/pipes is constantly controlled by IR pyrometers located at the exit of each section. The entire process can also be easily controlled and managed by an operator via supervisor PC.

The equipment are fully automatic, ensure high production capacity (from 2 to 6 t/h and over), high repeatability of the obtained thermal treatment and a constant quality of the finished product.


  • Maximum production flexibility
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Operating costs related to the times of real production
  • Return of investment in a very short time

The numbers of our success

  • 33

    lines installed in worldwide

  • 6

    tons/hour of maximum production capacity

  • 15

    meters of maximum length of the bars/tubes